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A. Copyright

The content of www.Sites-Promotion.com, including but not limited to trademarks, texts, updates, photographs and services is legally owned by Sites Promotion according to national and international Copyright and Internet Property Rights laws, excluding 3rd parties.

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B. Acceptable Use Policy

Use of www.Sites-Promotion.com is for legal activity only. Visitors and users of the Sites Promotion web-space are bound by Greek, European and International Law regarding Internet communications and must avoid any illegal or inappropriate use that could cause damage or harm to the web-space, and consequently to Sites Promotion.

In the event where Sites Promotion is requested by a court of law to pay any damages or compensation to 3rd parties due to breach of the Terms and Conditions by the user, the user is legally bound to cover the costs incurred by Sites Promotion.

C. Linking to 3rd Parties

It is possible for users to be directed to www.Sites-Promotion.com via links or banners found in 3rd party websites. The content of these websites is the responsibility of their respective owners and Sites Promotion cannot guarantee or be liable for the accuracy, legality or content of the aforementioned websites.

www.Sites-Promotion.com advertisement in 3rd party websites does not, in any form, promote these websites and has no control over their content or the services they provide.

D. Limited Liability

Sites Promotion will strive to make sure that the information available on www.Sites-Promotion.com is correct, timely and clear. However, under no circumstances, including negligence, Sites Promotion guarantees or can be held responsible for any errors or omissions regarding the information on this website, for delays or failure to transmit this information and/or any subsequent effects this may have to users of this website and our service.

The content of this website does not constitute any form of financial, legal or otherwise advise or encouragement to the user; Sites Promotion bears no responsibility regarding the use of its website and service by its users which are bound by these Terms and Conditions.

E. Security

Access to www.Sites-Promotion.com is the user’s decision and therefore it is the user’s responsibility to have the necessary equipment to gain access and user this service (e.g. personal computer, software, internet access). It is also the user’s responsibility to have a software and/or hardware security solution.

Sites Promotion, to the extent of its capabilities, has taken all necessary precautions to protect its virtual space from any viruses and malware, and actively monitors this web-space and access to it. However, Sites Promotion cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any damages or loss that may affect a user’s equipment from use of this website.

F. Personal Information

Any personal information that you provide to us is handled according to these Terms and Conditions, and protected by Greek Law (N. 2472/1997) according to the Data protection Act (for more information you can visit www.dpa.gr). By using this web-space and its service, the user grants Sites Promotion permission to use this information for communicating with the user, and for statistical reasons to help us improve our service to you.

Neither party will use or disclose the other party's Confidential Information without the other's prior written consent except for the purpose of performing its obligations under this Agreement or if required by law, regulation or court order; in which case, the party being compelled to disclose Confidential Information will give the other party as much notice as is reasonably practicable prior to disclosing the Confidential Information. Upon termination of this Agreement, the parties will promptly either return or destroy all Confidential Information and, upon request, provide written certification of such.

Z. Our Cookies Policy

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. On www.Sites-Promotion.com we use cookies for various reasons, aiming to create a safer and more useful experience for our users.

We mainly use cookies which are essential for the use of our service via our website (e.g. for login and Affiliates), as well as cookies that collect usage and functionality statistics to allow us to make necessary improvements.

Web browsers, in most cases, have cookies enabled by default. If you would prefer to be notified when a website tries to deposit cookies to your system, or completely block 3rd party cookies you need to access the configuration settings of your browser.

Note: The non-acceptance of cookies from our website, may affect the use and availability of certain services as offered by Sites Promotion (e.g. login, hits).

H. Other

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Greek Law and any disputes regarding the above will be handled in their entirety by the Courts of Crete. If any of the aforementioned conditions is deemed by the court of law to be invalid and thus terminated, this does not affect the rest of these Terms and Conditions.